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Jerome P. Baggett: Habitat for Humanity® Habitat for Humanity®
Building Private Homes, Building Public Religion

Baggett, Jerome P.

360 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2000
paper 978-1-56639-803-9
cloth 978-1-56639-802-2

Chris Tilly: Half A Job Half a Job
Bad and Good Part-Time Jobs in a Changing Labor Market

Tilly, Chris

240 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1995
paper 978-1-56639-382-9
cloth 978-1-56639-381-2

Hapa Girl

Hapa Girl
A Memoir
Chai, May-lee

232 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 2007
paper 978-1-59213-616-2
cloth 978-1-59213-615-5

Erin A. Smith: Hard-Boiled Hard-Boiled
Working-Class Readers and Pulp Magazines

Smith, Erin A.

248 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2000
paper 978-1-56639-769-8
cloth 978-1-56639-768-1

Jessie Lloyd OConnor, Harvey OConnor, Susan M. Bowler: Harvey and Jessie Harvey and Jessie
A Couple of Radicals

O'Connor, Jessie Lloyd, Harvey O'Connor and Susan M. Bowler

278 pp • Spring 1988
paper 978-0-87722-559-8
cloth 978-0-87722-519-5

Joseph W. Schneider, Peter Conrad: Having Epilepsy Having Epilepsy
The Experience and Control of Illness

Schneider, Joseph W. and Peter Conrad

240 pp • Fall 1983
paper 978-0-87722-398-6
cloth 978-0-87722-318-4

Peter Conrad, Eugene B. Gallagher: Health and Health Care in Developing Countries Health and Health Care In Developing Countries
Sociological Perspectives

edited by Conrad, Peter and Eugene B. Gallagher

336 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1993
paper 978-1-56639-027-9

Donald VanDeVeer, Tom Regan: Health Care Ethics Health Care Ethics
An Introduction

edited by VanDeVeer, Donald and Tom Regan

Fall 1986
cloth 978-0-87722-441-9

Dan E. Beauchamp: Health Care Reform and the Battle for the Body Politic Health Care Reform and the Battle for the Body Politic
Beauchamp, Dan E.

224 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1996
paper 978-1-56639-414-7
cloth 978-1-56639-413-0

Dan E. Beauchamp: The Health of the Republic The Health of the Republic
Epidemics, Medicine, and Moralism as Challenges to Democracy

Beauchamp, Dan E.

312 pp • Fall 1988
paper 978-0-87722-729-8
cloth 978-0-87722-558-4

Julian McAllister Groves: Hearts and Minds Hearts and Minds
The Controversy Over Laboratory Animals

Groves, Julian McAllister

240 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1996
paper 978-1-56639-476-5
cloth 978-1-56639-475-8

Terry Pinkard: Hegels Dialectic Hegel's Dialectic
The Exploration of Possibility

Pinkard, Terry

272 pp • Fall 1988
paper 978-0-87722-570-6

John Agnew: Hegemony Hegemony
The New Shape of Global Power

Agnew, John

296 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2005
paper 978-1-59213-153-2
cloth 978-1-59213-152-5

Alan M. Olson: Heidegger and Jaspers Heidegger and Jaspers
edited by Olson, Alan M.

192 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1993
paper 978-1-56639-115-3
cloth 978-1-56639-114-6

Victor Farías, Tom Rockmore, Joseph Margolis: Heidegger and Nazism Heidegger and Nazism
Farías, Victor, edited by Joseph Margolis and Tom Rockmore

368 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1989
paper 978-0-87722-830-1
cloth 978-0-87722-640-6

Tom Rockmore, Joseph Margolis: The Heidegger Case The Heidegger Case
On Philosophy and Politics

edited by Rockmore, Tom and Joseph Margolis

344 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1992
paper 978-0-87722-908-7
cloth 978-0-87722-907-0

Paul C. Rosenblatt: Help Your Marriage Survive the Death of a Child Help Your Marriage Survive the Death of a Child
Rosenblatt, Paul C.

200 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 2000
paper 978-1-56639-805-3
cloth 978-1-56639-804-6

Alfred J. Kahn: Helping Americas Families Helping America's Families
Kahn, Alfred H. and Sheila B. Kamerman

311 pp • Fall 1981
paper 978-0-87722-212-5

Miri Song: Helping Out Helping Out
Children's Labor in Ethnic Businesses

Song, Miri

247 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 978-1-56639-709-4
cloth 978-1-56639-708-7

Neal King: Heroes in Hard Times Heroes in Hard Times
Cop Action Movies in the U.S.

King, Neal

282 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1999
paper 978-1-56639-702-5
cloth 978-1-56639-701-8

Higher Education and Democracy

Higher Education and Democracy
Essays on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Saltmarsh, John and Edward A. Zlotkowski

360 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2010
cloth 978-1-4399-0037-6

Boyd Newman, Linda Newman: Hikes Around Philadelphia Hikes Around Philadelphia
Newman, Boyd and Linda Newman

224 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1997
paper 978-1-56639-530-4
cloth 978-1-56639-529-8

Hip Hop Underground

The Hip Hop Underground
The Integrity and Ethics of Racial Identification
Harrison, Anthony Kwame

226 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2009
paper 978-1-4399-0061-1
cloth 978-1-4399-0060-4

The Hirschfeld Archives

The Hirschfeld Archives
Violence, Death, and Modern Queer Culture
Bauer, Heike

240 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2017
paper 978-1-4399-1433-5
cloth 978-1-4399-1432-8

Sam Wineburg: Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts
Charting the Future of Teaching the Past

Wineburg, Sam

272 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2001
paper 978-1-56639-856-5
cloth 978-1-56639-855-8

The Historiography of Communism The Historiography of Communism
Brown, Michael E.

264 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2008
paper 978-1-59213-922-4
cloth 978-1-59213-921-7

Joanne Meyerowitz: History and September 11th History and September 11th
edited by Meyerowitz, Joanne

288 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2003
paper 978-1-59213-203-4
cloth 978-1-59213-202-7

Roger S. Gottlieb: History and Subjectivity History and Subjectivity
The Transformation of Marxist Theory

Gottlieb, Roger S.

336 pp • Fall 1987
paper 978-0-87722-494-5

Paul Buhle: History and the New Left History and the New Left
Madison, Wisconsin, 1950-1970

edited by Buhle, Paul

457 pp • Fall 1989
paper 978-0-87722-836-3
cloth 978-0-87722-653-6

Joshua Brown, Patrick Manning, Karin Shapiro, Jon Wiener: History from South Africa History from South Africa
Alternative Visions and Practices

edited by Brown, Joshua, Patrick Manning, Karin Shapiro and Jon Wiener

467 pp • Spring 1991
paper 978-0-87722-849-3
cloth 978-0-87722-848-6

History of Psychology
Hothersall, David

Spring 1984
paper 978-0-87722-354-2

Antje Ascheid: Hitlers Heroines Hitler's Heroines
Stardom and Womanhood in Nazi Cinema

Ascheid, Antje

288 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2002
paper 978-1-56639-984-5
cloth 978-1-56639-983-8

Sucheng Chan: Hmong Means Free Hmong Means Free
Life in Laos and America

edited by Chan, Sucheng

296 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1994
paper 978-1-56639-163-4
cloth 978-1-56639-162-7

Hollywood Asian

Hollywood Asian
Philip Ahn and the Politics of Cross-Ethnic Performance
Chung, Hye Seung

248 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2006
paper 978-1-59213-516-5
cloth 978-1-59213-515-8

Saverio Giovacchini: Hollywood Modernism Hollywood Modernism
Film and Politics in the Age of the New Deal

Giovacchini, Saverio

304 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2001
paper 978-1-56639-863-3
cloth 978-1-56639-862-6

Giuliana Muscio: Hollywoods New Deal Hollywood's New Deal
Muscio, Giuliana

320 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1996
paper 978-1-56639-496-3
cloth 978-1-56639-495-6

Daniel Levy, Natan Sznaider: The Holocaust and Memory in the Global Age The Holocaust and Memory in the Global Age
Levy, Daniel and Natan Sznaider, translated by Assenka Oksiloff

240 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 2005
paper 978-1-59213-276-8
cloth 978-1-59213-275-1

Troy Messenger: Holy Leisure Holy Leisure
Recreation and Religion in God's Square Mile

Messenger, Troy

192 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2000
paper 978-1-56639-841-1

Cass Irvin: Home Bound Home Bound
Growing Up with a Disability in America

Irvin, Cass

232 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2003
paper 978-1-59213-220-1
cloth 978-1-59213-219-5

Homecourt Homecourt
The True Story of the Best Basketball Team You've Never Heard Of

Needle, Larry

72 pp • 5.5x8.5 • Spring 2013
paper 978-0-98195-608-4

Alvina E. Quintana: Home Girls Home Girls
Chicana Literary Voices

Quintana, Alvina E.

176 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1995
paper 978-1-56639-373-7
cloth 978-1-56639-372-0

Joan W. Moore: Homeboys Homeboys
Gangs, Drugs, and the Prison in the Barrios of Los Angeles

Moore, Joan W.

240 pp • Spring 1980
paper 978-0-87722-114-2
cloth 978-0-87722-121-0

Rob Rosenthal: Homeless in Paradise Homeless in Paradise
A Map of the Terrain

Rosenthal, Rob

280 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1993
paper 978-1-56639-130-6
cloth 978-1-56639-129-0

James Smalls: The Homoerotic Photography of Carl Van Vechten The Homoerotic Photography of Carl Van Vechten
Public Face, Private Thoughts

Smalls, James

240 pp • 7x10 • Spring 2006
cloth 978-1-59213-305-5

Leon E. Pettiway: Honey, Honey, Miss Thang Honey, Honey, Miss Thang
Being Black, Gay, and on the Streets

Pettiway, Leon E.

320 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1996
paper 978-1-56639-498-7
cloth 978-1-56639-497-0

Kenneth OReilly: Hoover and the Un-Americans Hoover and the Un-Americans
The FBE, HUAC, and the Red Menace

O'Reilly, Kenneth

354 pp • Spring 1983
paper 978-0-87722-301-6

Emily Herring Wilson, Susan Mullally Clark: Hope and Dignity Hope and Dignity
Older Black Women of the South

narrator Wilson, Emily Herring, photographs by Susan Mullally Clark, preface by Maya Angelou

224 pp • 7x9 • Spring 1983
paper 978-1-56639-017-0
cloth 978-0-87722-302-3

Hope Is Cut

Hope Is Cut
Youth, Unemployment, and the Future in Urban Ethiopia

Mains, Daniel

208 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2011
paper 978-1-4399-0480-0
cloth 978-1-4399-0479-4

Beth Anne Shelton, Joe R. Feagin, Robert Bullard, Nestor Rodriguez, Robert D. Thomas: Houston Houston
Growth and Decline in a Sunbelt Boomtown

Shelton, Beth Anne, Joe R. Feagin, Robert Bullard, Nestor Rodriguez and Robert D. Thomas

219 pp • Spring 1989
paper 978-0-87722-607-9

Kevin R. Johnson: How Did You Get to Be Mexican? How Did You Get to Be Mexican?
A White/Brown Man's Search for Identity

Johnson, Kevin R.

264 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1999
paper 978-1-56639-651-6
cloth 978-1-56639-650-9

Douglas V. Porpora: How Holocausts Happen How Holocausts Happen
The United States in Central America

Porpora, Douglas V.

232 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1990
paper 978-0-87722-923-0
cloth 978-0-87722-750-2

Willa Ward-Royster, Toni Rose: How I Got Over How I Got Over
Clara Ward and the World-Famous Ward Singers

Ward-Royster, Willa, as told by Toni Rose, foreword by Horace Clarence Boyer

263 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2000
paper 978-1-56639-490-1
cloth 978-1-56639-489-5

How Many Exceptionalisms? How Many Exceptionalisms?
Explorations in Comparative Macroanalysis

Zolberg, Aristide R.

376 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2008
paper 978-1-59213-832-6
cloth 978-1-59213-831-9

How Racism Takes Place How Racism Takes Place
Lipsitz, George

320 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2011
paper 978-1-4399-0256-1
cloth 978-1-4399-0255-4

How to Be South Asian in America How to Be South Asian in America
Narratives of Ambivalence and Belonging

jain, anupama

288 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2011
paper 978-1-4399-0303-2
cloth 978-1-4399-0302-5

How We Die Now How We Die Now
Intimacy and the Work of Dying

Erickson, Karla A.

208 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 2013
paper 978-1-4399-0824-2
cloth 978-1-4399-0823-5

Kevin R. Johnson: The ’Huddled Masses’ Myth The "Huddled Masses" Myth
Immigration and Civil Rights

Johnson, Kevin R.

264 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2003
paper 978-1-59213-206-5
cloth 978-1-59213-205-8

Virginia L. Colin: Human Attachment Human Attachment
Colin, Virginia L.

416 pp • 6.5x9.25 • Spring 1996
paper 978-1-56639-459-8

Antonio Cassese: Human Rights in a Changing World Human Rights in a Changing World
Cassese, Antonio

200 pp • Fall 1990
paper 978-0-87722-746-5

Gary H. Stahl: Human Transactions Human Transactions
The Emergence of Meaning In Time

Stahl, Gary H.

232 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1995
paper 978-1-56639-287-7

Donald E. Brown: Human Universals Human Universals
Brown, Donald E.

220 pp • Spring 1991
paper 978-0-87722-841-7

Keith E. Yandell: Humes ’Inexplicable Mystery’ Hume's "Inexplicable Mystery"
His Views on Religion

Yandell, Keith E.

352 pp • Fall 1989
paper 978-1-56639-089-7
cloth 978-0-87722-643-7

Norvin Richards: Humility Humility
Richards, Norvin

240 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1992
cloth 978-0-87722-927-8

Hazel Thornton: Hung Jury Hung Jury
The Diary of a Menendez Juror
20 Years Later

Thornton, Hazel

206 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 2017
paper 978-1-4399-1513-4

Marwan M. Kraidy: Hybridity, or the Cultural Logic of Globalization Hybridity, or the Cultural Logic of Globalization
Kraidy, Marwan M.

240 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2005
paper 978-1-59213-144-0
cloth 978-1-59213-143-3

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