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Garden Cities for America
The Radburn Experience

Schaffer, Daniel

290 pp • Spring 1982
paper 978-0-87722-258-3

William M. Klein, Jr., Derek Fell: Gardens of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley Gardens of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley
Klein, Jr., William M., photographs by Derek Fell

320 pp • 8x10 • Spring 1995
paper 978-1-56639-313-3

R. Stephen Warner, Judith G. Wittner: Gatherings in Diaspora Gatherings in Diaspora
Religious Communities and the New Immigration

edited by Warner, Stephen R. and Judith G. Wittner

416 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1998
paper 978-1-56639-613-4
cloth 978-1-56639-614-1

Mark Blasius: Gay and Lesbian Politics Gay and Lesbian Politics
Sexuality and the Emergence of a New Ethic

Blasius, Mark

240 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 1994
paper 978-1-56639-174-0
cloth 978-1-56639-173-3

Allan G. Johnson: The Gender Knot The Gender Knot
Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy

Johnson, Allan G.

320 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2005
paper 978-1-59213-383-3
cloth 978-1-59213-382-6

Allan G. Johnson: The Gender Knot The Gender Knot
Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy
Third Edition

Johnson, Allan G.

322 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2014
paper 978-1-43991-184-6
cloth 978-1-43991-183-9

Lisa A. Lewis: Gender Politics and MTV Gender Politics and MTV
Voicing the Difference

Lewis, Lisa A.

300 pp • Spring 1990
paper 978-0-87722-942-1
cloth 978-0-87722-693-2

Steven G. Smith: Gender Thinking Gender Thinking
Smith, Steven G.

384 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1992
paper 978-0-87722-964-3
cloth 978-0-87722-963-6

The Gendered Executive The Gendered Executive
A Comparative Analysis of Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Chief Executives

edited by Martin, Janet M., and MaryAnne Borrelli

296 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2016
paper 978-1-4399-1364-2
cloth 978-1-4399-1363-5

William B. Turner: A Genealogy of Queer Theory A Genealogy of Queer Theory
Turner, William B.

256 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2000
paper 978-1-56639-787-2
cloth 978-1-56639-786-5

Pat Spallone: Generation Games Generation Games
Genetic Engineering and the Future for Our Lives

Spallone, Pat

343 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1992
paper 978-0-87722-967-4
cloth 978-0-87722-966-7

Genocide in Paraguay
edited by Arens, Richard

224 pp • Fall 1977
paper 978-0-87722-088-6

Margit Mayer, John Ely: The German Greens The German Greens
Paradox between Movement and Party

edited by Mayer, Margit and John Ely, translated by Michael Schatzschneider

352 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1997
paper 978-1-56639-516-8
cloth 978-1-56639-515-1

Getting Paid While Taking Time Getting Paid While Taking Time
The Women's Movement and the Development of Paid Family Leave Policies in the United States

Sholar, Megan A.

252 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 2016
paper 978-1-4399-1295-9
cloth 978-1-4399-1294-2

Waskul: Ghostly Encounters Ghostly Encounters
The Hauntings of Everyday Life

Waskul, Dennis with Michele Waskul

164 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 2016
paper 978-1-4399-1289-8
cloth 978-1-4399-1288-1

Ghosts of Organizations Past

Ghosts of Organizations Past
Communities of Organizations as Settings for Change
Ryan, Dan

232 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 2015
paper 978-1-4399-1255-3
cloth 978-1-4399-1254-6

Kimberley Reynolds: Girls Only? Girls Only?
Gender and Popular Children's Fiction in Britain, 1880-1910

Reynolds, Kimberly

208 pp • Fall 1990
paper 978-0-87722-737-3

David Ranney: Global Decisions, Local Collisions Global Decisions, Local Collisions
Urban Life in the New World Order

Ranney, David

272 pp • 7x10 • Fall 2002
paper 978-1-59213-001-6
cloth 978-1-59213-000-9

Barry D Adam, Jan Willem Duyvendak, André Krouwel: Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics
National Imprints of a Worldwide Movement

edited by Adam, Barry D, Jan Willem Duyvendak and André Krouwel

448 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1998
paper 978-1-56639-645-5
cloth 978-1-56639-644-8

Bruce Podobnik: Global Energy Shifts Global Energy Shifts
Fostering Sustainability in a Turbulent Age

Podobnik, Bruce

240 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2005
paper 978-1-59213-294-2
cloth 978-1-59213-293-5

Global Philadelphia

Global Philadelphia
Immigrant Communities Old and New
Edited by Takenaka, Ayumi and Mary Johnson Osirim

320 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2010
paper 978-1-43990-012-3
cloth 978-1-43990-013-0

Edna Bonacich, Lucie Cheng, Norma Chinchilla, Nora Hamilton, Paul Ong: Global Production Global Production
The Apparel Industry in the Pacific Rim

edited by Bonacich, Edna, Lucie Cheng, Norma Chinchilla, Nora Hamilton and Paul Ong

400 pp • 6x9 • Spring 1994
paper 978-1-56639-169-6
cloth 978-1-56639-168-9

Global Television Global Television
Co-Producing Culture

Selznick, Barbara J.

224 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 2008
paper 978-1-59213-504-2
cloth 978-1-59213-503-5

Hans Bergmann: God in the Street God in the Street
New York Writing from The Penny Press to Melville

Bergmann, Hans

272 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1995
paper 978-1-56639-358-4
cloth 978-1-56639-357-7

God Talk God Talk
Experimenting with the Religious Causes of Public Opinion

Djupe, Paul A. and Brian R. Calfano

276 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2013
paper 978-1-4399-0866-2
cloth 978-1-4399-0865-5

Eugene Bardach, Robert A. Kagan: Going by the Book Going by the Book
The Problem of Regulatory Unreasonableness

Bardach, Eugene and Robert A. Kagan

350 pp • Spring 1982
paper 978-0-87722-252-1
cloth 978-0-87722-251-4

Joan W. Moore: Going Down to the Barrio Going Down to the Barrio
Homeboys and Homegirls in Change

Moore, Joan W.

200 pp • Fall 1991
paper 978-0-87722-855-4
cloth 978-0-87722-854-7

Going Global Going Global
Culture, Gender, and Authority in the Japanese Subsidiary of an American Corporation

Fuller, Ellen V.

232 pp • 5.25x8.25 • Fall 2008
paper 978-1-59213-689-6
cloth 978-1-59213-688-9

Stefan Timmermans, Marc Berg: The Gold Standard The Gold Standard
The Challenge of Evidence-Based Medicine and Standardization in Health Care

Timmermans, Stefan and Marc Berg

280 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2003
paper 978-1-59213-188-4
cloth 978-1-59213-187-7

Governing How We Care Governing How We Care
Contesting Community and Defining Difference in U.S. Public Health Programs

Shaw, Susan J.

214 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2012
paper 978-1-4399-0683-5
cloth 978-1-4399-0682-8

Governing the Ungovernable City
Political Skill, Leadership, and the Modern Mayor

Ferman, Barbara

304 pp • Spring 1985
paper 978-0-87722-376-4

Leah Levenson, Jerry Natterstad: Granville Hicks Granville Hicks
The Intellectual in Mass Society

Levenson, Leah and Jerry Natterstad

336 pp • 6x9 • Fall 1993
cloth 978-1-56639-104-7

Terrance McConnell: Gratitude Gratitude
McConnell, Terrance

288 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Spring 1993
cloth 978-1-56639-038-5

Rich Westcott: Great Home Runs of the 20th Century Great Home Runs of the 20th Century
Westcott, Rich

232 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2001
paper 978-1-56639-858-9

The Great Refusal The Great Refusal
Herbert Marcuse and Contemporary Social Movements

edited by Lamas, Andrew T., Todd Wolfson, and Peter N. Funke, with a foreword by Angela Y. Davis

440 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2016
paper 978-1-4399-1304-8
cloth 978-1-4399-1303-1

Greening Africana Studies Greening Africana Studies
Linking Environmental Studies with Transforming Black Experiences

Patterson, Rubin

258 pp • 5.5x8.25 • Fall 2014
paper 978-1-43990-872-3
cloth 978-1-43990-871-6

Gross Misbehavior and Wickedness Gross Misbehavior and Wickedness
A Notorious Divorce in Early Twentieth-Century America

Elson, Jean

340 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2017
paper 978-1-4399-1391-8
cloth 978-1-4399-1390-1

JoEllen Fisherkeller: Growing Up with Television Growing Up with Television
Everyday Learning Among Young Adolescents

Fisherkeller, JoEllen

224 pp • 6x9 • Spring 2002
paper 978-1-56639-953-1
cloth 978-1-56639-952-4

A Guide to the Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region

A Guide to the Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region
Text by Levine, Adam
Photographs by Cardillo, Rob

192 pp • 5.375x9.125 • Spring 2007
paper 978-1-59213-510-3

A Guilted Age A Guilted Age
Apologies for the Past

Rushdy, Ashraf H. A.

244 pp • 6x9 • Fall 2015
paper 978-1-4399-1322-2
cloth 978-1-4399-1321-5

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